For 8 years, many have chosen an experience with our spacious Meridian Yacht MS Sea More. We mention in particular that Her Majesty Queen Sonja has on several occasions chosen experiences with MS Sea More, as have several world-renowned artists. We have a strong focus on our values of safety, service and sustainable operations.

MS Sea More is a classified vessel of the type 5K1- Vessel with limited passenger transport for up to 12 pax. Cf. Regulations relating to vessels under 24 metres carrying 12 passengers or less. And cf. §11 Small coastal shipping i.e. Speed on the Norwegian coast, where the ship passes open stretches of sea over 25 nautical miles, as well as all within lying waters, so that the ship never lies further off the coast, than 20 nautical miles of the baseline. We have chosen to set a limit of 8 passengers, exceptionally 10 passengers, this to give our passengers optimal comfort.

We also carry out a number of special assignments such as:

Collection and delivery of LOS - PILOT on vessels.

We deliver small and light express packages out to various vessels.

Assignments in connection with accidents and or inspections for various agencies.

Ceremonies such as Ash scattering - Memorial service at sea.

We are available 24/7 all year round, our skippers have extensive experience and have all the necessary certificates, crew as well as vessel of course satisfy all regulatory requirements.

We are wholly owned by SeeMore AS, which is located in Bergen-Norway.